Analisis Kendala-Kendala Potensial dalam Penerapan Total Quality Service pada Hotel-Hotel di Kota Ambon

Jupiter Dakael, Fransiska N Ralahallo


The success of the competent hospitality is very dependent on how the hotel can provide satisfaction to customers through the creation of quality services. Many companies have gained success because of applying the principles of quality management. Total Quality Services (TQS) the principles of quality management services that can be used as strategic tools for the hospitality in order to improve the quality of services. TQS application in order to obtain success, hospitality should be able to identify the constraints that exist.

This study aimed to determine the potential constraints in the implementation of TQS in hospitality. The study also examined potential differences in the application of the constraints TQS between star hotels in Ambon. The instrument used in this study is a research instrument used in previous research by Ngai and Cheng. Respondents are managers and supervisors within the scope of hospitality in Ambon.

From the research results can be seen that out of the 17 indicators used in this study there are four indicators expressed not as a potential obstacle to the application of TQS hotels in the city of Ambon. For an indicator to-1 that is about cultural change (variable labor and culture), the indicator for-5 on the knowledge and understanding of the quality management system, the indicator for-7 on training and education quality, and indicators for-9 on the development of quality measurement, The third indicator is part of the variable infrastructure factors.

There are differences in potential constraints faced by each hotel in the city of Ambon. In the first five-star hotel there are 15 potential obstacle is encountered, the 2-star hotel are 5 known obstacles, this 3-star hotel is only one obstacle course and for the 4 and 5 star hotels do not have a potential obstacle to implementing TQS.

Keywords: potential obstacles, Total Quality Service, Hotel.

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