Program Evaluation of Community Learning Center (PKBM) Program as Community Learning Resources in Ambon City based on evaluation of the Context

Lamberthus Lokollo, Jhoni Lagun Siang


The general purpose of research is to find out and describe the effectiveness of PKBM implementation as learning resources in Ambon Municipality. This research is an evaluation research (evaluation research) based on the CIPP evaluation model (Context, Input, Process, Product) with the object of research is the PKBM program as a center of community learning resources in the city of Ambon, using a qualitative approach. This approach has superiority which provides a comprehensive study of social phenomena conducted by researchers. The research method is used as a guideline or tool to help researchers on how the steps of the research are carried out, as an effort to reveal research problems. The results showed that the existence of PKBM as a center of community learning resources was indeed needed by the people of Ambon City, especially after the social conflict in the city of Ambon so that the active participation of the community was needed to rebuild educational activities through empowering the potential in the community, especially the people who drop out of school or unable to continue their education to a higher level due to economic conditions that have to work to help the family economy. It can be concluded that it can be concluded that the context component (context) of PKBM package C program in Ambon City has a high / good actuality.

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